Gay Families

Marcin Smietana, Sociologist present his research about gay families.

“Family-Based affirmative action? Subversion and resilence strategies of gay father families”

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Sanskrit at University of Barcelona

Tango in Barcelona and wonderful networks

Hello everybody, the past 7 of july i was been on Milongallega Tango aniversary, the place Gallego Center, the hour between 9:00 to 2:00 pm, the place is excellent, you can eat a delicious plates, on the restaurant, and the magic of vibrant people cannot describe with a real name.

The people come from many places and different professions,  the common point are the melodies and rythm of tango.

The network than making on arts are strong  derivate about feelings. This feelings on happiness and sadness, you can define in many ways, but in the dance, the contact with your own body and the body of others, the others than you dont know, is special. The romanticism of this music express on the dance, but the deeply emotions you can receive when you listen an put all your senses, in the waves of beat.

On this blog you can find all the information about the movement on tango in Barcelona link: Tango Barcelona.

A little taste of what I saw.


Mobility in the Bologna Process -part 1

This is part of one conference at 18th International Conference of Europeanist, 20-22 June 2011, Barcelona, Spain. By Santiago Martinez-Dordella, economist specialized in sociological research at University of Barcelona.

About Public Sociology by Michael Burawoy

Conference of Dr. Michael Burawoy, President of ISA (International Sociological Association 2010-2014) on Barcelona June 7, 2011.

Public Sociology from Ramses Lopez on Vimeo.

Media Literacy

The last  11, 12 and 13 May at the University Autonoma of Barcelona, was presented the first congress of education and communication, professional from all the world shared experiences, in education and its relationship with the media and digital culture. For sociology approach the media is valuable, the decrease of the digital frontier in access to the technology in communications and best utilization of the tool of the WWW (World Wide Web) and its full potential to develop.

The speakers who participated were Tapio Varis (University of Tampere, Finland), Samy Tayie(University of El Cairo), Susan Moeller (University of Maryland), Caroline Wilson (Association for Media Literacy, EE.UU), José Ignacio Aguaded (Grupo Comunicar, University of Huelva), Pere-Oriol Costa (University  Autónoma of Barcelona), Enrique Martínez-Salanova (Grupo Comunicar), Mar de Fontcuberta (University Pontificia Católica de Chile), Julio Cabero (University of Sevilla), Fabio Tropea (University  Autónoma of Barcelona), José María Perceval (University  Autónoma of Barcelona), Paolo Celot(EAVI) and  Juan Carlos Gavara(University  Autónoma of Barcelona),

Some of the presentations are here  I congress of education and communication

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Challenges for Global Sociology

This video come from Sociotube, on ISA (International Sociology Association) and explain in few minutes the challenges for social researchers on this moment.

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